The history of the world was built upon the backs of explorers — those who give in to their every curiosity to make the world a bigger place for us all. The Long Island captures the explorer in all of us with a spare, haunting book that shows the wakening of a monstrous curiosity in a group of people who simply want to see what’s on the other side of the island. Reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are in its spare prose and powerful imagery, it’s a book that takes your breath away — before leading to deep discussions about the tantalizing unknowns in our world.
Long before the new little baby is old enough to enjoy stories, moms and dads delight in creating the child’s own story to share one day. Baby journals are a nice way to keep track of favorite photos, important milestones and any other information about your child’s development over the first few years. These linen covered journals also come personalized and feature the child’s photo on the front.

Creating stories for the youngest book-lover is not child's play. The best books have similar traits. Life-affirming messages pitched appropriately for this audience, in a way that engages, while bringing out the best in an older reader. When it all comes together the result is a book that transcends age. We feel these are the best of the best. (Many of these are available as "board books.")