Note: The pricing here isn’t static: these are the approximate costs for size 1 diapers bought in bulk (and even those are liable to change frequently online). As you go up in sizing (to size 2, 3, etc.), the price per diaper will increase. And, like anything else, the more you buy, the cheaper diapers are. Thus, buying in bulk saves a fair amount. More on sizing and pricing in a minute….
You may choose cloth, because at first glance they represent the more cost-effective option, with a lifetime cost of around $300 per child compared to more than $2,000 for disposables. However, that only considers the purchase price and doesn't take into account other expenses such as laundry detergents and the cost of running your washer and dryer daily. Cloth also represents a significant time investment. For busy parents, there's a lot to be said for the time-saving benefits of disposable options.
Pampers Diapers and Huggies have a rewards program. They have unique one time use codes found inside the packages of diapers and some wipes. Save those and enter them on their websites (after making an account-when you sign up for pampers you will get 100 pts) When you have a certain amount of points, you can cash in for Free rewards. There are a ton of different items, and they change them too. When I reached 1,000 points I cashed out for a Dora Potty Seat for my youngest! Yay!